Maybe all you need is a fresh look at Jesus

The cure for our weariness, the comfort we need, the spiritual energy we lack and the peace we so want are all found in a fresh look at our Lord.  The following posts are meant to refocus our eyes on Jesus. 

If you’re too weary to read, click on the audio option.  Then lean back, close your eyes and just listen. Pause the audio where indicated and play the song suggested or a favorite of your own.  Lose yourself for a while in thoughts of your Lord.  He will wash over you like Spring rain.

Although these posts were written for oral reading with pauses for meditative music, they can simply be read.  Nevertheless, I suggest reading them aloud with audio of a couple songs handy.  Better yet, get a group of ministry-living sisters together, spread out in a candlelit room, lean back, read and listen together. Embrace the beauty of looking at your Lord along side your sisters; of feeling His presence both individually and together. 

At 27 Pastors’ Wives Gatherings we call this Corporate Solitude.

Tears in a Bottle

Don’t feel like reading?  Click on audio. “You have taken account of my wanderings. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”   Psalm 56:8 I was in college when I read that beautiful verse for the first time; underlined it blue, typed it out hunt-and-peck style…

Autumn Rain

Don’t feel like reading?  Click on audio. Sometimes I swear I can feel their witness-eyed stares; feel them gazing down at me.  The whole whopping cloud of them, waiting with baited-breath and wondering if I—if anyone on the face of this earth, will take up their mantles, grab their batons and set out on the…

Soaring on the Wings of the Wind

Don’t feel like reading? Click on audio. Kinda feels like a Cinderella story. The one about the shepherd boy secretly anointed King. I can picture him fresh from the field all dirty and sweat-soaked, bent down as the holy Prophet pours sacred oil on his thick auburn hair. The handsome brothers with all their charisma…

You Are Lebanon

Don’t feel like reading?  Click on audio. Years ago, there was a young Lebanese woman in my church named, Adeline.  Addy had grown up in Beirut during the war and though she often talked about her fear-ridden childhood, she also lamented how much she missed Lebanon. I found that intriguing so I asked questions. Before…

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