27 PWG

Whether you realize it or not, you desperately need a supportive community.  Nothing replaces real time with real ministry-living sisters.  27PWG offers community to Pastors’ Wives in a variety of formats:  virtual, in-person and a combination of both.  Whatever works for you! 

Being a part of a 27 Pastor’s Wives community is a investment in your own spiritual health!  Our Gatherings are small support groups inspired by Psalm 27 and uniquely designed for Pastors’ Wives.  These Gatherings are confidential safe places for ministry-living women to open up, find deep supportive friendships and real life encouragement from sisters who truly “get it”.  

Each Gathering provides time to be heard, to listen, to have personal reflection, pray one-on-one with a sister pastor’s wife and share in a relaxed time of worship.

Would you benefit from having a community like this?  If you want to know if there’s a 27 Pastors’ Wives Gathering in your area, fill out the form below and include your town and state or country. 

If you think a virtual Gathering via Zoom would work best for you, fill out the form below and let us know that too.

If you feel the Lord might be leading you to start a 27Gathering in your area, please let us know!  We’d love to provide support, how-to’s, and Journey Sharing content to get you started. Just submit your contact information, then let us know where you’re located and any specifics you have in mind for your Gathering.

Our Chicago chapter of 27PWG is praying the Lord will multiply this ministry to encourage others the same way it has encouraged us!