I’m a pastor’s daughter turned pastor’s wife; been one now for thirty-seven years and counting.  So yeah, I get it!  I’ve felt the lonely depletion of ministry and the silent throbbing for spiritual renewal.  I also know the rare and unrivaled joy of fellowship with other ministry-living pastors’ wives.  For many years I longed for a constant community with women like that. Women, who without explanation, “get it” because they’re living it too.

Joanna Kubiak grew up as a Pastor’s daughter in a rural-suburban church. She graduated from Cedarville University with a BA in Communications and married Tom Kubiak in March of 1985.  Tom pastored two established churches, then planted two multicultural congregations, both in Chicago.  He has led two parachurch ministries and currently serves as an Executive Pastor in the Chicago area. Tom and Joanna 20190717_182902have three married children and seven grandchildren.                       


Sacred Wanderings is Complementarian in regard to women’s ministry roles.