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LET’S SHARE THE JOURNEY!  After all, we’re on the same wandering path.  We’ve listened and cared and ministered to others; who’s listening and ministering to us?  It’s time we have a safe place where we can openly and honestly share the joys and aches of this crazy winding road.  Don’t hold back, your sister-travelers at Sacred Wanderings want to hear from you!

four women standing on mountainDo you have a story to tell?  Maybe the Lord is sustaining you through the humanly impossible and you’d love to share.  Maybe you know there are sisters out there that need to hear this hope.  But maybe, because of your position, wisdom says, “Don’t you dare say a word!“.   Your sisters at Sacred Wanderings know how it feels to long to speak the unspeakable.   You’re safe to pour it all out here.  Chances are your story will be music to our ears.  Please share.

Are you hurting? Are you struggling silently, alone? 

selective focus portrait photo of sad woman in gray sweater with her hand on her cheek

Do you ache for someone to actually listen; for someone to just hear your heart?  Do you long for a safe place where you can talk to somebody?  We’ve been there.  We still are there!  We don’t claim answers, we’re just sisters walking the same path.   We know how life-giving it can be for someone to really listen.  To hear the unspoken stuffed and buried down deep.  So share your throbbing heart with us.  We will listen.  We will pray.  Together we will trust our Father to bring healing, hope, and a path through.

Prayer Requests Board: Requests can be anonymous or submitted with contact info so readers can directly contact one another to express love and assurance of prayers.