Sample #4  Deliverance from a Sin Struggle (or Tough Issue)


Simplified Prep Option – Do numbers 1-3 individually, in separate settings.

  1. Compile a set of Scripture passages about God’s supremacy over your weakness or sin struggle; list the references or book-mark them in your Bible.
  • For example, if you are struggling with anger: Look for passages about God’s patience and His righteous anger.
  1. Compile a second list of verses that teach how to develop God’s character in the places of your weakness.
  • For example James 1:2-4 — developing patience; Hebrews 11-12:1 — developing faith; I Cor. 6:18-20/I Thess. 4—moral issues; James 1:5–wisdom needed in all weak areas
  • Tip: A concordance, you-version Bible app or are helpful tools. If you’re really brave, ask your husband for suggestions.
  • Don’t read the passages yet, just have the references listed or book-marked and ready.
  1. Collect the following items and set them aside.
  • Some meaningful aids related to this struggle or that address the issues involved.  For example a blog post or book addressing the subject, audio of a sermon on the topic, internet audio archives of a discussion on the subject, Bible study notes, etc.
  • Bring a notebook, pen, highlighter or colored pencils for writing and highlighting.
  • Your Bible along with the previous two lists of verses you compile


Ok, this Plan is a bit more involved but remember, there is no pressure to rush or push. The greatest insights and deliverance come slowly through steady-paced persistent seeking and honest, thought-filled listening.  There are no short-cuts. This one will take time. Bite off short doable chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged. Take as long as needed, even if that requires significant time between settings.  I have schedules settings once a month or bi-weekly or even quarterly.  Do what works for you.  If you mess up, procrastinate or rebel (if you’re like me you will do all that) it’s OK.  Just don’t throw in the towel.  Get back up. Persevere, plug away and do it!

Simplified Plan Option–  Do Steps 1-3 in the first Plan Setting; then do Steps 4 thru 7 & the Conclusion individually in separate settings

Step 1:   Sit in silence with your eyes closed until you sense a quietness within (listen to music or Bible-based poetry during this time if you desire).  Confess any known or unknown sin and embrace forgiveness.  Then open your palms up as in release, read or listen to audio of Matthew 11:29-31.  Pray expressing your desire to come, receive His yoke and learn from Him.  Verbally acknowledge that His yoke is easy and His burden is light whether it feels that way or not.

Step 2:   Summarize the struggle you are facing and write it out (or type and print it).

Step 3:  Picture Jesus sitting across from you, looking deeply into your eyes and asking, “(your name), what would you have Me do for you?”  Read Him the struggle summary and ask Him for deliverance.

Step 4:  Read the first list of verses you compiled regarding God’s strength in your weak area.

  • Ponder the implications of His character from those verses and write down whatever comes to mind in response.
  • Praise and worship Him for His holy superiority…. let your mind and emotions wonder in the mystery of His beauty. Write down any additional thoughts that come through this worship. Do not rush, follow the Spirit’s prompting.
  • When you sense it’s ok to move on, pray, expressing again your desire to be changed; then worship Him again for His strength and beauty in the place of your weakness.

Step 5:  Read the instructional passages you compiled. Write down verses or phrases that stand out and any accompanying thoughts.  When sin is revealed, pause to confess and repent stopping long enough to embrace the promise of forgiveness.

  • Try listening to the passages read from your phone app or an online resource so you’re free to write or worship as you hear the Scriptures.
  • Read (or listen to) the resources you brought: online discussion archive, blog post, sermon audio, book, etc. Go slowly through one item at a time; moving from one to the other only as the Spirit leads you to do so.  When sin is revealed, pause to confess and repent and embrace promised forgiveness.  Write down every thought and insight even if they seem random or disjointed.

Step 6:  Re-read the thoughts and insights you wrote down from Steps 4 & 5.  Use colored highlighters or pencils to mark phrases or thoughts that stand out and write down all impressions that come to mind; even if they seem disjointed or random.  Look for warnings and promises.

Step 7:  Re-read what you highlighted or wrote in Step 6. Look for correlations and repetition. Using a different colored pen, write a summary of the insights you discover.  Then look for practical applications and write them down in the form of specific action steps.  Re-write those action steps on a separate piece of paper and place it in your Bible for daily review in the future.


  • Reflect back on God’s holy perfection in your weakness (Step 4). Worship Him again.
  • Ask the Spirit to awaken your soul to respond by loving Him more, better, deeper. Ask Him to enable you to prove that love through surrender and obedience.
  • Pray through the action steps you wrote down. Ask for His strength to be made perfect in your weakness.  Express your longing to be lost in His glory so that only He will shine through you.