Sample #3 To Better Fulfill a Relationship Role in a Loved One’s Life


Collect the following items:

  • Audio of a meaningful song(s)
  • Bible with marked passages related to your role in the person’s life
  • At least one Scripture promise to claim for that person.
  • A related book with pertinent sections marked and/or sermon audio on the subject of your role in this person’s life.
  • A notebook and journal, if you have one, a highlighter and pens.


  • Sit, kneel or lie in quietness; use music and atmosphere to help quiet your soul. Once you feel settled, read Philippians 2:1-8. Ask for the mind of Christ to see beyond your pride, self-absorption, and preference in order to love the person as He loves.
  • Read the selected Scripture passages you brought and write down anything the Holy Spirit seems to emphasize. If you brought a related book or sermon, read and listen to them now making notes and writing out anything the Holy Spirit brings to mind.
  • Read the Scripture promise you want to claim for this person….pray this promise to the Lord and ask for this blessing to be realized in the person’s life.
  • Write the person’s name on a piece of paper or type on a spreadsheet. Under their name make five columns, title them: Strengths; Weaknesses; Maximizing; Minimizing; Action Plan; Trust Pledge. Ask the Lord for wisdom and insight as you list the person’s strengths and weaknesses under the proper columns. Prayerfully seek the Lord’s direction as to practical ways you can help maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses; list those items under the appropriate column. Then, under “Trust Pledge” list the things that only God can do along with what you will believe God for on this person’s behalf. Finally, condense content from the completed columns into tasks and prayer requests then list them under the “Action Plan” column.


  • Pray through the chart on this person’s behalf including action plans.
  • Pray any Scriptures or promises you are claiming for the person.
  • Pray that you will fulfill your role in this person’s life through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • End by conceptually praying the Lord’s Prayer, inserting this person’s name where possible.