Sample #1 To Find Clarity and Discern Holy Spirit Guidance


Decide on a place that will enhance your focus, then set aside as many of the following items as possible.

  • audio of two (or more) meaningful songs
  • meaningful preaching or teaching audio (whole segments or short clips)
  • a favorite devotional book or a biography (web articles work too)
  • Bible & journal (notebook if you don’t keep a journal)
  • pens, colored pencils or highlighters
  • location appropriate atmosphere aids like candles, pillows, lawn chairs, picnic blankets, etc


Step 1:

  • Read from the devotional book or excerpts from the biography. Read until you sense your heart and mind pulling away from life stress and focusing on the Lord.
  • Pray. Ask the Lord to forgive any sin—known or unknown. Wait. Listen. Repent. If nothing comes to mind, embrace an attitude of humble repentance.
  • Play a worship song or two; soak in every word…if possible sing to the Lord from your heart.
  • Pray through Romans 8:26-28 or listen to it on your phone App. Drink in the words slowly. Ponder the mystery of the Spirit’s groaning prayers, too deep for human words yet heard by the Father as pleas in harmony with His will for you.  Express your desire to be enveloped in the mystery of those prayers.  Ask for grace to recognize the Spirit’s voice and follow without reservation. Don’t rush.

Step 2:

  • Review your journal and/or any recent Bible studies or sermons.
  • Look for common themes or correlating insights from your entries or study notes. Identify and highlight them or write them out on a piece of paper and set aside.
  • Read Scripture.  You can pick a favorite passage, your life verse or just pick up where you left off in your daily Bible reading.
  • Continue to read or meditate until insights come to mind. Write them down, even if they seem random and disjointed.
  • Compare these notes with your previous journal or study reflections.  Are there correlations or compatible insights?  How has the Spirit been moving in your life?  What has He been trying to say to you through these venues?  Through current events?  Through past events?  Write down responses that come to mind.  If nothing surfaces, sit quietly in His presence offering up the silence; content to wait whether answers come or not.


  • Summarize what you think the Spirit is saying based on your reflections, meditation and prayer
  • Compare that with how you have been living, thinking and feeling.
  • Make a list of action steps or practical adjustments you need to make in order to keep in step with this word from the Spirit
  • Pray through the list and put it in a prominent place for daily review

*If you don’t sense a clear word from the Spirit, that’s ok.  Just lift that up to the Lord and tell Him you are ending in calm expectancy.  You are still listening.  Tell Him you are content to wait leaving your questions, doubts, and uncertainty with Him until He sees fit to reveal next steps.