Introduction to Serious Searches


Serious searches are serious.  Schedule them on your calendar and block off the time like you would for any serious appointment.  If at all possible exchange babysitting with a friend or schedule time when your husband can do the childcare. Be creative and chose a place that will enhance your focus.

That could mean finding a quiet place outside, going to a library, cozying in at home or at a suitable place to park your car.  Beaches and mountain landscapes make perfect places. But honestly, I’ve had great times in a locked closet surrounded by a pile of pillows and candles.  (I recommend a small lamp instead of candles for reasons unstated; ugh! Please, don’t ask.)  I strongly discourage you from coffee shops or any place distracting, loud or people-packed.  I almost always begin with a favorite devotional book or biography along with music to create my own private worship.  This helps transition my thoughts and heightens my openness and listening.  But if a desk and chair at a library help you more, do it!

NOTE:   Some Springboards have Simplified Options. These options take longer, but I suggest following them the first time through.

As you begin, remember, speed is not the objective.  Hearing from the Lord, searching His Word for real answers to real life, experiencing Him in the middle of your messiness, discovering a fresh look at Jesus, these are your objectives. 

Objectives like these can’t be hurried.

Serious Searches take time.