Reflection Guide for Psalm 27:4-5

Honestly reflect on your life right now.  Where is your deepest passion? 

  • If it is no longer for your Lord, identify idols, confess and ask the Lord to give you a desire for Himself above all else.  Don’t go any further until this is settled; stay here as long as it takes.
  • If your first passion continues to be Jesus, express a renewal of love for Him and ask Him to take you higher up and deeper in.

Have you been experiencing a lack of stability, lack of peace or lack of confidence in the Lord? How might these deficiencies be traced back to a lack of desire for the Lord and/or a lack of self discipline in seeking Him?

As you think through the implications of Desire + Discipline = Delight, where do you see yourself in the equation? What are your strengths and where are you weak? 

List those strengths and weaknesses. Then pray for direction to make needed changes and write down your plan for doing so.