Reflection Guide for New Year Journey Sharing

What do you need from the Lord as you step into this New Year?

If you are motivated and inspired, there are likely still factors you need to process. Perhaps you need new ways to ground your excitement in deeper trust, confirmed leading and solid Scriptural truth. If so, how might you do that? How can you determine clear Biblical goals and plans for moving forward?

If you are worn, weary, or disillusioned, what do you need from the Lord in order to find renewal and strength? How can you access and actually receive what you need from the Lord?

After you have determined your need, prayerfully read over the following steps which were journey shared earlier.   Write notes, ideas and thoughts as the Lord leads you.

  1. Do NOT try to figure things out on your own. No matter how well-meaning or “responsible” that may seem. Don’t do it!
  2. Open your need up before the Lord. Write the issue(s) out in-depth to the best of your understanding. Then write down your emotions; the way this issue has made you feel. Next, pray it all back to the Lord expressing total dependence with no will of your own in the matter.
  3. Now LISTEN in every detail of your life for the Holy Spirit’s response to your prayer. Listen with expectancy, as if on high alert. Take note of everything. Ask the Lord for clarity when needed but do NOT doubt.
  4. Follow His leading as it unfolds, step by step. Answers may come quickly or very slowly but almost always they will come methodically, steady on and firm. Focus on making all adjustments needed to follow what you hear step at a time.
  5. Make a record of your journey.