Reflection Guide for Seven Insights for Weathering Life’s Storms

Use the following questions to help identify your “present life storm” then write down a brief description.

  • What has been exhausting you lately?
  • What terrifies you?
  • Is there anything you feel clueless about or in a fog to cope with?

Referencing the Notes below, go through the Background notes and then each of the Seven Insights one by one. Look for implications, connections, and practical applications that fit your present life storm.  Write down everything the Lord brings to your mind.

Background Notes

  • News of John’s death brought grief; needed to get alone with the Father for comfort
  • Instead of resenting the crowd’s intrusion, He had compassion for them and their needs 
  • He laid His need for solitude and comfort aside so He could minister to their needs
  • He did not ignore His need for solitude and comfort, He set out again; persevered
  • He gave the disciples direct orders to cross the lake; no doubt they were doing His will when they rowed straight into the storm

Seven Insights for Weathering Life’s Storms

1. Storms are OFTEN encountered while doing the will of God. Expect this, don’t let it discourage you or even surprise you.

2. Storms are promptings to remember the faithfulness of God. They had just experienced a huge miracle; remember past blessings and provisions

3. Even when we cannot see Jesus, He sees us.  Jesus knows exactly what you are enduring. Oh the comfort of knowing my Lord knows. He is the only One who really understands me

4. Jesus comes to us at the right time. Though He came at 3:00am, when they had lost hope, were exhausted and terrified, it was the perfect time. His timing is not for mere rescue. His timing is to optimize radical transformation and increase our faith.

5. Our fears may actually be Jesus in disguise.  Look for Jesus in your storm. They didn’t recognize Jesus, they were terrified of their very Savior.  Expect Jesus to calmly walk over your greatest fears to reach you.

6. The water that threatens to be over your head, is under His feet. Jesus is above your storm. Remember the example of Peter’s water-walking attempt. HE is greater than any threat or struggle we face. His grace is sufficient whether we feel like it is or not.

7. Our ability to walk on water depends on the focus of our eyes. Jesus is the Lord of all storms. When our faith is weak, we must keep our eyes on Jesus on whom our faith depends from start to finish. (Hebrews 12:2)

(Partially based on devotional teaching from Dr. Erwin Lutzer, given to Moody Radio staff December 17, 2018)