Reflection Guide for Hearing from God in the Here and Now

In the Gospels, Jesus often asked individuals, “What would you have Me do for you?”

Picture Jesus sitting across from you, looking deeply into your eyes and asking, _________, what would you have Me do for you today? 

Write out the answer to that question below.  (This will help identify the main issue of which you need to hear from God right now.)

Referencing that issue, meditate through the following questions.

  • How is the Lord inviting me to respond to Him through this issue? Are there actions, attitudes or disciplines He is impressing on me?
  • What does He want me to believe Him for in this?
  • Do I sense any internal movements of the Spirit (callings, insights, initiatives)?
  • Are there hindrances or temptations blocking my progress or keeping me from discerning answers to the previous questions?
  • What do I sense the Lord is doing in me through this issue?