Reflection Guide for Coping Devices

Coping Provisions

Which holy coping provisions have you relied on the most through the years? 

Are there holy coping provisions you have not realized or valued? Do you sense the Spirit inviting you to connect to Him through coping provisions you have not before appreciated or prioritized?

Think about how you could take better advantage of the coping gifts the Lord has provided.  Write a list of specific ways to connect more deeply to these provisions both daily and in times of deep need.

Coping Devices

What coping devices are your “go-to’s”? 

Are any of those “go-to” coping methods sinful? 

Are any of your beneficial coping devices becoming obsessive? 

Are any depleting your passion and energy away from spiritual priorities? 

Do you feel convicted over any of your coping methods?

Think of ways to replace unholy coping devices for holy coping provisions. 

Think of ways you can maintain boundaries on beneficial coping methods. 

Write a bullet point list with any specific changes you sense are needed.