Personalized Journey Sharing

One to two weeks before the Gathering text or email participants asking them to identify the main challenge or issue most weighing on them; something they’d like spoken into.

Instead of a topic for Group Journey Sharing, invite each woman to briefly share their current challenge/issue. Go one by one, allowing the group to respond/speak into the challenge or issue shared before inviting the next woman to share. Keep close track of time to ensure each woman has equal time to share and receive responses from the group.

If the group is new to each other or 27 Gatherings, talk through the basic guidelines for speaking into one another’s lives

  • Listen closely – seek to really hear what is shared; ask questions for clarification when needed
  • Speak truth without criticism, judgments or specfic directives
  • Respect individual matters of preference or choice that are not clear cut in Scripture (ie: school choices for children, family planning, denominational preferences, political views, medical or food choices, non-essential church practices). Do not advocate for others to adopt your opinions or preferences in these types of issues.

Personal Reflection Guide

  • Follow up group sharing by breaking for 10 – 15 minutes alone with the Reflection Guide that accompanies Current Challenges or Issues.

One-on-One Journey Sharing

  • Encourage extended current issues sharing and responding during one-on-one time followed by extended prayer