Leaders’ Resources for Group Journey Sharing and Guided Personal Reflection

About 27PWG Resources with Reflection Guides

Each topic or resource provides approximately 5 to 7 minutes of content for Leaders to share, meant to be followed by 15 to 20 minutes of open group sharing on that topic. There is one personalized Journey Sharing guide focused on individual needs. This option can be used as often as desired. There are also Journey Sharing guides based on quotes from godly women and men of faith. These offer more flexible Journey Sharing.

The accompanying Reflection Guides are specific to each topic; whether personalized, quote-based or topic. They are designed to be used individually and privately following open group sharing.

Personalized Journey Sharing

Current Challenges or Issues & Reflection Guide

Quote-Based Journey Sharing

Journey Sharing Topics

Seven Insights for Weathering Life’s & Reflection Guide

True Ministry Evaluation & Reflection Guide

Coping Devices & Reflection Guide

Hearing God in the Here and Now & Reflection Guide