27 PWG Joyful Confidence; Happy in the Lord

Personal Reflection Guide

  1.  Ask the Lord to reveal where, in whom or in what you have been seeking contentment, joy and confidence.  Prayerfully write down a response or a prayer.
  •  Ask the Lord to help you identify specific ways to nurture and maintain joyful confidence in Him when challenges or discouragement hits.  Consider how starting each day by getting your soul happy in the Lord could help build joyful confidence in Him.
  • Ask the Lord to show you how to arrange your everyday life in a way to maximize your ability to experience total contentment, joy and confidence in Him.

Write down all random thoughts that come to mind, then pray over them and organize your ideas into a specific plan.  Let this be an ongoing pursuit; it will likely unfold slowly over time.

  • Am I more focused on gaining accomplishments than on the state of my soul or the person I am becoming?